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2020 Mystery Boxes: What to Expect

The world itself has been thrown challenge after challenge in 2020. Discmania and the disc golf community has certainly seen its fair share of challenges and changes. We’ve witnessed disc golf evolve as popularity grew at a rate that was never expected.

Over the last few months we’ve heard your continued feedback, ideas and thoughts on how we as a company can be better than we were the previous day. We can admit that we’ve had our bogeys this year, but we also hope that some of our recent changes can be viewed as a birdie, or at worst, a par. We have always and will continue to welcome your feedback.

As the year marched its way toward December, we’ve always had an eye on our annual winter event: the Mystery Box. Disc golfers like you wait for each of these releases and can’t wait to see what we can come up with. We always challenge ourselves to top what we’ve done 12 months prior. As we approach this year’s Mystery Box, we want to continue to transparency and explain what you can expect this time around.

Planning of the 2020 Mystery Box

Even in non-pandemic times, our work on the Mystery Box begins at least six months before the release and often much earlier than that. As we’ve battled through our production delays, stock shortages, and unbelievable growth in demand, we’ve focused on how we can make the Mystery Box reach the level it deserves.

We’ll be honest and say that at one point, postponing or even cancelling this year’s Mystery Box was an option. This was the easy way out and it never felt right. We knew we could make a Mystery Box happen that is meaningful and not flat.

Giving up isn’t in our DNA. Over the last few months our plan has come together, and we’re quite excited about what we have put together. We think you’re going to really like it.

Variety of Mystery Box Contents

In past year’s, it’s been quite common to see a wide variety of different discs across separate boxes within one edition, in some cases with close to zero overlap outside the featured items, that are the defining models of each box edition.

This year we've switched it up just a bit. Customers will receive items that are very similar to other shoppers but the contents inside have been carefully planned for mold variety and special plastic variations, new colors, etc. Most models were ordered specifically for this purpose alone so even though you and your neighbor may get relatively similar boxes, you are going to be thrilled with what you find inside.

Supply and Demand of the Mystery Box

The Mystery Box will sell out and will sell out quickly. We are doing what we can to ensure the checkout process is smooth as it can be. If you are wanting one, don’t sleep on these. A one box limit per customer will be strictly enforced.

We know demand has been high and will continue to be high for the Mystery Box. The supply for the Summer Mystery Box was, at the time, easily the largest volume we’ve ever produced. The Winter Mystery Box blows that out of the water.

As those of you who have been following these campaigns for a long time have come expect, the Discmania Winter 2020 Mystery Boxes will be available through 2 separate outlets: Right here at discmania.net with worldwide shipping from our warehouse in Colorado and through InnovaStore, with shipping across Europe from their warehouse based in Tampere, Finland.

So...when do they arrive?

Our first edition Mystery Boxes will be released on Black Friday, November 27th! For Discmania Store, the release time is the usual 9 AM Mountain Time (We call it Discmania-time) and our European customers can get their order in beginning at Midnight (00:00 EET).

We hope this can serve as an exciting and fun end to what has been a very difficult year.

We hope that you and your family continue to be safe and healthy.

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