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The Mystery Box: Discmania’s Disc Golf Tradition

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What started as a small idea has turned into one of the most popular disc golf releases every year. The Mystery Box by Discmania has grown from an annual release in Europe to a bi-annual worldwide release.

In 2012, the first edition of our Mystery Box was released in Finland. The popularity was there from the start, but as word spread about what was hidden inside, the demand for it grew every winter.

By 2016, the demand was international and it was time to bring the Mystery Box to the United States. Filled with limited releases, special runs, and a collector item here and there, the Mystery Box has become bigger than we ever imagined. They’ve become so popular, we’ve added a Summer Mystery Box to sprinkle in a bit more fun.

What started as just one edition has grown to three or more versions each winter. Available for a limited time, these sell out very quickly. You’d be surprised to see how many disc golfers purchase every edition on an annual basis.


The Perfect Gift

As we head into the holiday season, the Mystery Box is the perfect gift for any disc golfer. Plus, that includes you. A little gift yourself never hurt, right?

We’ve always stated, and have backed up the mission, that the Mystery Box isn’t just filled with some throwaway products. We aim to provide the best value possible. Some of our most popular stamp designs have been released exclusively in the Mystery Box.

We also broke most of the disc golf community with the release of the Cloud Breaker DD3 in 2018’s Mystery Box. It was the only place you could get it for quite some time.

Can we top the Cloud Breaker? You just wait and see.

Best Starter Pack Available

Getting someone into disc golf can be a lot of fun and while the standard starter packs can get the job done, it has it’s limits. The Mystery Box provides everything a new disc golfer can use with a little added on top to make it special.

It doesn’t matter the skill level, everyone can love the Mystery Box.

2019 Winter Mystery Box

The 2019 Mystery Box by Discmania campaign begins on Monday, December 2. This isn’t something to sleep on either. Supplies are limited and the demand is high. We get questions months in advance about what to expect from this year’s Mystery Box or when things go on sale. If you see them in stock and want one, make things happen before regret sets in.

From an annual tradition to close out the calendar year, the perfect disc golf gift for yourself or any disc golfer, or the perfect addition to your collection, The Mystery Box by Discmania is ready for you.

Worldwide release time: Monday, Dec 2nd at 9:00 AM Mountain time (GMT -7 hours)

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