The Nordic Phenom Joins Discmania Sky Team!

We are proud to welcome Niklas Anttila to Discmania’s Sky Team!

Our new four year agreement with Niklas marks the most substantial contract for any Finnish player in the history of disc golf. This commitment between Discmania and Niklas extends far beyond the disc golf course.

Breaking the Mold

With his promotion to our Sky Team, Niklas will receive his very own Creator Series mold. This is the first time in history a Finnish player can boast the creation of their own disc.

Niklas has been an international force over the last three years. Boasting the European Champion Title, multiple Finnish National Champion titles, European Tour victories, National Tour victories, and Major podium finishes - we are excited to provide him with a disc tuned specifically to Reinvent his game!

Nordic Phenom Academy

Niklas has decided to make his mark in the world of disc golf on and off the course, by ushering in the next generation of talent.

The Nordic Phenom Academy will provide disc golf equipment to one thousand junior disc golfers over the length of Niklas’ contract. This equipment will give young talent the tools needed to become a Phenom in their own right.

Along with high performance Discmania gear, aspiring Phenoms can look forward to meeting Niklas in person! The first Nordic Phenom Academy meet and greet takes place at the 2024 European Open.

World Class

We aren’t done!

Discmania will be hosting the 2025 Disc Golf World Championships in Tampere and Nokia, Finland. We can’t think of a better player to be the face of Worlds marketing than our very own Niklas Anttila.

Throughout his career we have known Niklas as an extremely hard worker, passionate disc golf enthusiast, and ray of positivity even in the highest pressure situations. Characteristics we will be proud to feature for everyone from long-time disc golfers to those unfamiliar with this sport we love.

Expect to see our Nordic Phenom all throughout the streets of Tampere, and screens across the globe!

It’s a Celebration!

Along with our commitment to an all new Niklas Anttila Creator Series coming later this year, we are happy to provide this commemorative release in honor of Niklas’ promotion to the Sky Team!

Niklas fans and supporters can grab this Team Discmania inspired release starting Tuesday, January 23rd on Discmania Store USA and Discmania Store Europe.

Tervetuloa Taivasjoukkueeseen, Niklas! (Welcome to the Sky Team!)

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