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Kyle Klein: Inside the Mind of a Champion

Kyle Klein exemplifies his champion mindset week in and week out on the biggest stages in disc golf.

We wanted to find out what makes him such a great competitor. So we gave Kyle a call to walk through some of his greatest victories, and find out what he credits his success to.

Eyes to the Sky

We constantly get asked what it takes to be on Team Discmania, and further, how to grow into a top competitor. Often we suggest practice, focus, determination, but most importantly - a winning mentality.

“I go into every tournament trying to win. I know I’ve won before, so there’s no reason I can’t. I just gotta stick to what I know and execute winning strategies.. I don’t want to place outside the top 10 in any event.”

For Kyle, winning is always the goal. He measures success by his place on the leaderboard as he makes his final putt of the tournament. The accolades, recognition, and perks like having his own Signature Series Cosmic Fury 2 come as validation for all his hard work.

“In winter of 2020 [Discmania] wanted to give me a Signature Series disc, and I was ecstatic. I felt accomplished and it was a sign that all the hard work was paying off.”

Focus on the work, execute winning strategies, and the rest will come.

Preparation is Key

One theme resonated through all the questions we asked Kyle - preparation. During high pressure situations, relying on the hard work he puts in before the tournament lets him focus on executing his game plan.

“I make sure I get 2 to 4 practice rounds before each tournament to familiarize myself with the course and feel comfortable with each shot before I step up to each hole. I don’t want to second guess what I’m doing.

I even plan for bad conditions including weather. A few times there have been winds or conditions I didn’t expect. I try my best to adapt and still have full confidence.

You can’t hope something will work, you have to know it will.

Kyle further stressed the importance of practice when it comes to young players looking to make a future in disc golf.

“The main thing is practice. You can’t slack while practicing. You have to grind, and work for it. It will pay off, but you gotta work.”

Major Moments

We can’t talk about winning moments and mentality with Kyle without digging deeper into his 2023 USDGC title. What factors culminate into an epic win at a PDGA Major event?

Kyle approaches each tournament with confidence, built by his hard work and past successes.

“All the work I put in learning to be a pro and top player reminds me I deserve to be there. There’s no reason I can’t go and win every weekend. I tell myself that before and during each round.

I try not to look at Majors differently, because I want to stay in my same mindset. I just want to play like it’s any other round.

I’ll worry about the importance after it’s over.”

You might not think a C-Tier or Advanced Division win means you can win a PDGA Major, but that track record of success and executing your game plan builds to great things.

The Right Tools

While we talked with Kyle extensively on his mental strategies, relying on his shot shaping and the equipment he puts faith in every tournament can’t be ignored. There’s a reason Kyle chose the Logic as his Signature Series mold.

“I lean on the Logic a lot on tour. The Logic feels and flies best for me of all the throwing putters. I have different Logics ranging from very straight to flippy, and the new C-Line Logic I can almost throw flex shots with.”

Kyle wanted to continue the legacy of his Cosmic Fury, but change it up slightly to give him the feel and performance he needs in a premium throwing putter.

“The Cosmic Fury 2 came out exactly how I wanted it to. Flat, shallow, and dead straight out of the box.”

Shortly after sending Kyle his first batch of official Cosmic Fury 2, he went right to work throwing them from the tee box right into the chains.

You can grab the Kyle Klein Signature Series Cosmic Fury 2 now on Discmania Store USA and Discmania Store Europe.

Watch Out 2024

Kyle’s career so far impresses even for a long-time veteran, let alone a player of just 22 years of age. Since playing his very first PDGA rated round in 2016, Kyle has amassed;

  • 2023 USDGC Championship Title 
  • 22 career wins
  • 46 podium finishes
  • 81 top tens

Despite such a long track record of victory and success, he still finds joy and fulfillment performing. His passion and drive burn bright heading into the 2024 season.

“Winning still hits new every time. When I find myself on top of the podium it means that much more because the competition is greater than ever. I’m proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished.

There’s still more work to do and more I want to achieve.”

Kyle had this to say as a final word to all his fans and supporters looking to succeed:

“Stay patient. Stay dedicated. It will come around as long as you put in the work. You can’t give up on yourself, that’s the biggest thing.”

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