Triumph Series: Eagle McMahon 2019 Memorial Champion Glow C-Line MD5

Tour / Promotions

The Year of Evolution is underway and Team Discmania is already off to a hot start as Eagle McMahon took down the 2019 Memorial Championship in Arizona.

To commemorate his win, we’re releasing the first Triumph Series disc of the year. The Discmania Glow C-Line MD5 is adorned with McMahon’s 2019 Memorial Champion stamp.

The Glow C-Line MD5 has a slightly lower profile than standard C-Line MD5s with the same great overstable flight.

We feel this is just the start of the Triumph Series in 2019. After each notable accomplishment by Team Discmania on the disc golf course, another item in this series will be released. You can’t own them all without owning the first!

The Glow C-Line MD5 Triumph Series release can be found exclusively at the Discmania Store. This is a limited run! Don’t wait to grab your piece of this exciting win to start the 2019 season.

Buy it now at Discmania Store!

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