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Disc Golf Lessons: How to Prepare and Get Started

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Signing up for disc golf lessons can be a key factor to taking your disc golf skillset to the next level. If you are a beginner, or someone who has played for years, there is always something to learn within disc golf. Having a second opinion can help increase your disc golf distance, putting accuracy, and shot selection. 

You’ve seen fliers and a few Facebook ads about lessons, but never really considered it. But, now, your friends are constantly beating you and it is getting old or the occasional tournament isn’t fun anymore. This is the perfect time to schedule your first lesson. Getting a lesson to learn proper throwing technique early on will do wonders for your game.

Depending on your skill level and goals, you may want to seek out a package deal, this could save you some money, too. Whether it is one lesson or set of multiple sessions, getting a disc golf lesson is the best move you can make for your game.

Dana Vicich gives a disc golf lesson

Finding a Disc Golf Instructor

The first place you should look is locally. This can be with your local pro or even the local disc golf promoter. To find these local options, attend a local league and ask around or if you have a disc golf shop, they should be able to point you in the right direction. 

You can also try to make contact with a touring professional. Often times, they will do private lessons while out on the road. Check out the professional tour schedule and you may get lucky and have the tour coming through your home town or state. Contacting a professional should be done through their website (if applicable) or directly via social media (fan page).

Your First Disc Golf Lesson

First, I like to sit down and get to know the person I’m working with. Throwing discs is just one part of a successful lesson. Be prepared to answer questions including:

  • How long have you been playing?
  • How often do you play?
  • Why do you play?
  • Do you practice?
  • Do you have a practice basket?
  • What are the discs in your bag?
  • And most importantly, what is your goal out of this lesson?

I want to make sure that if someone has taken the step to get help with their game, that I do my best to make that happen. I’m not going to give a generic lesson. I’m going to tailor it to their needs. Asking the above questions and getting to know who I’m working with will play a big role in how the lesson goes.

Finally, after this brief chat, it will finally be time to throw. It is important for this part of the lesson to take place in an open field and not the course. This gives us the space we need to focus and not worry about looking for discs or having to wait for other players. I want our time together to be maximized.

Disc Golf Lesson Costs

You can expect to pay anywhere from $25-$60 per hour for a lesson. If you are working with someone locally, you may be able to land a package deal, which will bring the per lesson cost down. Package deals can not only save you a few dollars, but they will also ultimately help you save strokes. Follow up lessons are key to developing your game.

Disc Golf Lessons Expectations

It’s important to remember that just signing up for lessons isn’t going to magically turn you into a world-class disc golfer. It’s the same way that if you sign up for a gym membership, you won’t automatically get in shape. You still have to put in the work.

If you are confident with your driving, but need to focus on putting, then finding disc golf lessons for just that one part of the game might benefit you more than a full slate of lessons. The opposite is true too. There is so much you can learn and often times, little changes can lead to big results, but many changes won’t be instant. It all takes time.

Contact the Disc Golf Academy

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