Grab your box and Solve the mystery!

Unleash the Frenzy!

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A rack full of Frenzies waiting for the shop to open Racks full of Frenzies waiting for the shop to open...[/caption]

The Frenzy has been out now since September and we've been hearing whole bunch of good feedback about it from you guys. Apparently the Frenzy really hit the spot for people that needed to add distance to their game. We are always very happy to hear thoughts from you Discmaniacs, especially when they are as positive as they've been so far.

The Frenzy is really giving the dominant distance drivers a run for their money and if you're not yet familiar with "probably the fastest Innova-molded disc ever made"*, we highly recommend you give it a try. If you need further reassuring, you can check out the unboxing video from September:

Want to share your thoughts about the Frenzy or other Discmania products? Good, we're happy to hear from you! You can either leave a shout-out on our facebook wall, or write a review on our product pages.

*Quote from Dave Dunipace, inventor of the modern golf disc.

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