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Your New Favorite Putter: D-Line P3x

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It’s no secret that the Discmania P2 is one of the most popular disc golf putters within the world of disc golf, especially Team Discmania. It’s taken down some of the largest tournaments in the world time and time again. It would take a special disc to get people to switch to something new and the new Discmania D-Line P3x might just be it.

The P3x was previously released in S-Line, but is now being released in our popular baseline plastic, D-Line. When you first pick up the D-Line P3x, you’ll notice a very flat, low profile disc. Unlike the P2, you’ll also notice the big bead on the bottom. This low profile helps it thrive when thrown hard.

This initial run of the D-Line P3x came out a little on the stiff side, but you’ll also get the benefits of the great grip of D-Line. You’ll have no worries about a clean release.

P3x has a touch less fade in D-Line plastic than the earlier S-Line runs.


Flight Characteristics

When thrown off the tee or on approach shots, you’ll notice the fade rating of three be true. It is slightly straighter than the S-Line version, but there is a noticeable finish. After a few rounds, It will be a great straight flier.

When used as a putter, the low speed stability of the P3x really shines. Spin putters will love the D-Line P3x. Push putters will also see benefit in the true flight.


Reinventing Your Putting

Team Discmania’s Nate Perkins used the D-Line P3x to navigate the tricky Texas winds and nearly pull off the victory at the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s Waco Charity Open earlier this year. His powerful stabbing spin putt appears to be a perfect match for the D-Line P3x.

Perkins didn’t have a lot of time with the D-Line P3x prior to the tournament and his putting confidence was never higher.


Where to Buy

The Discmania D-Line P3x officially goes on sale Thursday, April 26. Get your own from your favorite Discmania dealer. Or grab yours online below (US & worldwide) or from the InnovaStore (EU)!

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