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We are proud to introduce our two latest disc models: The P3 and the MD3. The P3 is somewhat of a hybrid between a putter and a midrange, a stable and dependable flyer that cuts through the wind and fades reliably to the basket. The P3’s best weapon is it’s versatility – it’s an awesome flyer off the tee and a great disc for putting too. For the fans of fade-in putters out there this disc is a must try.

Reinventing the stamp design

For this release we also really wanted to hear out what our fans had to say about the stamp design. Many of you guys have been requesting us to run the minimal and simplistic type of stamp we used to do back when we got started. For P3 we re-designed the D-line stamp and skipped the extra name we’ve used in most of our latest models. The disc itself is currently available with two stamps: The regular production stamp is available throughout Europe and the Discmania First Run stamp is the one currently available in the US.

Retooling for premium plastics

This first release of the D-P3 comes with sort of a prototype configuration. We were very happy with mold as it is, but as we wanted to be able to mold the P3 in C-line material in the future a minor tweak to the mold had be made for the future runs of the P3. The retooling will result in a touch more beefy flight pattern.

Introducing: the Glow C-line MD3

The MD3 is disc we here at Discmania are extremely exited about. It’s a fast and stable midrange disc that performs very well in all wind conditions. Designed with the power players in mind, the MD3 can handle a lot of power without flexing and always comes back down with a dependable fade. Compared to the Discmania hit midrange MD2, the MD3 is more stable both in high and in low speed.

First release benefits the European Open

This initial release of the MD3 comes in the form of a fundraiser for the European Open, a tournament in which we here at Discmania are deeply involved in. The Glow C-line material is extremely durable and feels great in your hand. As you probably already guessed, it also glows in the dark. Like all European Open fundraisers, this one also features a stamp design made by Disc Golf Artist Skeet Scienski and showcasing one of the great carnivores of the Finnish Wilderness – The Wolverine. Regular production C-line MD3 will be available later this summer.

Here’s where you can buy the Glow C-MD3 “Wolverine”:
HeroDiscUSA – US customers – Finnish customers – Swedish customers

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