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Special Gems Dropping at Discmania European Open Pro Shop

2023 European Open Online Pro Shop The European Open returns in full force this week! To celebrate the glorious retur...

2023 European Open - How to Watch

European Open 2023 is sure to bring some amazing disc golf action, and we're here to make sure you don't miss out! Fi...

Discmania Summer Starter - 20% off all products* until Wednesday, June 21st!

20% off all products* with the code “SUMMER23” until Wednesday, June 21st!

Year of the Sword: Production Update

Year of the Sword is in full swing, and we’re hard at work bringing Discmaniac feedback to fruition! At the start of ...

Grateful Dead x Discmania

What does that mean? Discmania has signed an official merchandise license agreement with Grateful Dead Productions ma...

Summer X-Out Mystery Boxes Return!

After a long hiatus, Discmania summer Mystery Boxes return! Back with a mission, we built the ultimate X-Out Mystery ...

Discmania Open - Reinventing North American Tournaments

Discmania Open is our Disc Golf Pro Tour Silver event located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Built to be our premie...

Buy a Disc, Plant a Tree!

A love of nature and loving the sport of disc golf go hand in hand. Beautiful scenery, perfectly formed fairways, and...

10 Years of MD3!

For a decade this workhorse mid-range remains an icon in the Discmania lineup. From our first C-Line run all the way ...

Community Spotlight: The Perfect MD1 Hole

Over the weekend we challenged Discmaniacs to show us the perfect disc golf hole for our recently released C-Line MD1...

April Jewels Returns!

***UPDATE: April Jewels has concluded! Thank you for your participation in this special event and we hope to see you ...

Sateentekijä - Finnish Heritage Series Rainmaker

Discmania Finnish Heritage Series continues with the all new Sateentekijä! Sateentekijä comes from the Finnish words...
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