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Instagram Picks of the Shield: January 2020

Mystery Boxes, snowy disc golf rounds, and some awesome courses.
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European Amateur Open 2020 Set for July

The ultimate disc golf road trip.
Disc Life

From the Community: Discmania Razor Claw Tactic Reviews

Last year, it was the Cloud Breaker DD3. This year it’s the Razor Claw Tactic. The new signature disc for Team Discma...
Disc Life

Disc Golf in 2030: Predictions from Jussi Meresmaa

We look ahead ten years to predict where disc golf will be standing.

Discmania Announces new Active Premium Disc Golf Line

In early 2019, we created the Discmania Active Line to further expand our offerings. Three goals drove the decisions ...
Disc Life

Instagram Picks of the Shield: November 2019

Disc golf looks great this time of year.
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The Mystery Box: Discmania’s Disc Golf Tradition

They're back! The Discmania Mystery Box drops Dec 2 (9 AM Mountain Time).
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Discmania’s 2019 Black Weekend Deals

Discounts begin Friday, November 29.
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