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April Jewels returns with a new twist!

UPDATE: April Jewels is now complete! Thank you everyone for your participation and keep an eye out for the next exciting campaign further down the road.

Many of those who've followed us for a longer time are probably familiar with this little campaign we like to call April Jewels. If you're a disc collector, April Jewels might even have an extra special meaning to you.

Let us explain. April Jewels, being a bit of a wordplay with April Fools, has been our way to resurrect some classic old Signature Series stamp designs for a one last go, utilizing select discs from our current selection to combine old designs with new discs.

A new take on classic designs

This year though, instead of the typical three old Signature Series designs, we're offering three brand new designs, two of which are poking a bit of fun towards two of our senior staff members and top disc athletes of the past that are no longer quite as active on the competitive scene.

The Retired Thunder is a bit more current take on Dana Vicich's popular Roaming Thunder Signature Series releases, originally featured with two separate releases on the Swirly S-line CD2's of the past.

Nice to know: The CD2's of the past are actually a near exact match of the CD1's of the present. We changed the naming since the CD1 moniker was previously unoccupied and we wanted to reserve the CD2 for a bit different type of disc for the future.

The World Champ makes a comeback on 2 wheels

While still being on his more competitive sprint on the disc golf scene, the 2009 disc golf world champ and a world-travelling disc golf (park) ambassador extraordinaire, Avery Jenkins, also had a 2-part Signature Series set of his own, coined the Dark Maul. Our April Jewels re-imagination of the Dark Maul series comes in the form of Dark Mall, where the ferocious bear from past designs has turned into a somewhat more docile mall cop version of himself, frolicking around on his Segway scooter.

Kyle Klein joins the fun

To complete the trio, we've added a parody version of a more current Signature Series item, the Cosmic Fury. Our bright young star in Kyle Klein is the player tied to the Cosmic Fury series, but this time instead of a burst of intergalactic rage, the April Jewels version serves you up with a bowl of Cosmic Curry.

Besides the slight change of direction in terms of the stamp designs from April Jewels campaigns past, the basic format is still similar. You choose the stamp design and the disc and we create you the end result. Depending on whether you're shopping at our US or European store, the disc options may vary a bit. Select US Discmania retailers may also have some of these options at hand at a bit later occasion.

Collector delight

One of the most notable features of April Jewels discs of the past has been the very limited availability, given the short time window these discs have been offered. This has caused certain disc/stamp combinations to be very few, making them exciting collector items for many. This year again the plan is to fully retire the April Jewels 2024 stamps after the campaign, so picking these up won't be possible once the campaign concludes.

The April Jewels options are available to purchase until Sunday, April 7th and the discs sold at Discmania Stores can be expected to ship out of our warehouses during weeks 16 & 17. 

Get crafting! Check out the April Jewels selection here!

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