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Gannon Buhr: Victorious Instincts

Gannon Buhr starts the 2024 season with an incredible stretch of victories and podium finishes. All signs point to Gannon securing a spot as one of the greatest talents of this year, and beyond.

But what separates Gannon, and those like him, from everyone else looking to secure victory? We took a look at some defining moments of Gannon Buhr's 2024 season for answers, and even got some insights and tips from Gannon himself.

A Victory to Memorialize

Though not a Disc Golf Pro Tour stop, The Memorial remains one of the most prestigious A-Tiers and is attended by top disc golf talent each year. Combining a highly competitive field with treacherous OB makes securing victory an incredible feat.

No stranger to competing at the highest levels, Gannon showed up on a mission. Rocking his new arsenal of Discmania discs, ripping his signature high speed flex shots, and dissecting The Memorial course layouts placed him in a battle against Aaron Gossage and Anthony Barela for the win during the final round.

“You have to play hot at Fountain. There’s a lot of pressure to get birdies but also play in bounds. My strategy lets me play confidently to the safe sides of the green, so I don’t have to ever play scared.”

Starting the final round at Vista Del Camino Disc Golf Course 3 strokes back of the leader, Gossage, Gannon went full attack mode. After the front 9, Gannon boasted a 2 stroke lead on the field. Even then he refused to slow down.

The green of hole 16 at Vista features an elevated basket on a very steep hill, sloped towards an OB path. Most competitors will opt to lay up close to the basket rather than risk missing the incredibly difficult putt, and potentially rolling out of bounds. Not Gannon though. Stepping up to his putt from roughly 40 feet away from the chains, Gannon and his caddy had decided he should lay up and hold his 2 stroke lead going into the final 2 holes. Once he lined up though, he sank into his instincts and knew he could make the putt. Firing his Link straight into the chains, his intuition was proven right by his incredible skill.

“Do not play scared. Trust your tools, trust your skill, and just throw the shot.”

Those same skills and instincts ultimately brought him to tapping in for the win, and setting his trajectory for the 2024 season.

Tested on the Pro Tour

The very next weekend after his win at Memorial, disc golf fans watched Gannon in anticipation to see if his dominance continued on to the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Starting off with a solid first round at Waco Annual Charity Open, Gannon trailed Discmania teammate Niklas Anttila by 3 strokes for the lead. Competition looked tough as ever with names like Kyle Klein, Anthony Barela, James Conrad, and Gregg Barsby all between Gannon and victory. Though Gannon would have loved to have a comfortable lead on the field, the thrill of a close battle for the win can’t be beat.

“Chasing down a win lets me play like I have nothing to lose. I have to take advantage of every opportunity my opponents give me.”

Pushing through round 2, Gannon climbed his way up to chase card. Past this point, Gannon found himself competing against a list of close friends and teammates - Kyle Klein, Niklas Anttila, and Luke Humphries. Where some may be distracted, Gannon only focused up further.

Final round of WACO started with Gannon tied for the lead and facing the newly added Lake Waco Golf Club course. The drama of the entire tournament rose to a crescendo on the final hole. Gannon stepped onto 18’s tee trailing Luke Humphries by 1 stroke, and tied with Niklas Anttila for second. Niklas Anttila’s round finished one hole ahead, and Luke battled Gannon on the same card.

“Coming down the stretch I knew I had to go almost perfect going into the final 9. Breaking each hole down to get myself within 350 feet (106 meters). From there I know I can get up and down.”

Gannon’s drive on 18 put him in a position to attack the green with a huge flex shot over several trees. After seeing Luke put his second shot out of bounds, Gannon saw the door open to victory. Securing birdie meant winning it all.

“When Luke threw OB, I turned to my caddy and said - I’m going to win.”

Yet again, Gannon sinks deep into instincts. Trusting years of training to guide his form and power, he rips an incredible shot landing 25 feet from victory. Rocking a new putting swing, and trusting his abilities, Gannon slams home the winning putt - securing his 7th DGPT win.

Never Sleep on GB

Not only has Gannon already secured multiple huge wins in 2024, but he’s proving no lead is ever safe with him in the field. Any round he can beat the entire field by 5 or more strokes, and apply pressure to any competitor.

Out of the 4 Pro Tour stops so far in 2024 (not including All-Star Weekend), Gannon has only finished outside the podium two times. Even then, at The Open at Austin and Chess.com Invitational, he finished at 4th place. 

All competitors on the Disc Golf Pro Tour display incredible distance, accuracy, and consistency. We say, what separates Gannon from the pack, is the instinct to win. Gannon taps into his intuition where others may falter from doubt or distraction. Where moments make others, Gannon makes the moment his.

“My goal is to always be in contention, because I’m capable of winning every tour stop.”

Catch Gannon displaying supreme skill and intuition all year long on Disc Golf Pro Tour, and keep an eye out for more special Gannon Buhr releases right here on Discmania.net!

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