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Disc Golf Academy - Off-Season Training (Speed)

Disc Golf Academy

When we asked Disc Golf Academy Coach Andreas Gertsch what is something all disc golfers need. He didn't hesitate with his answer: speed and explosive power. As part of our continued look at off-season training techniques, Gertsch focuses this week on speed drills and exercises to help bring that explosiveness to the course.

The most important thing to remember when doing speed training is to always maintain a high intensity. Quite simply, if you can train for speed twice a week, Gertsch believes you'll see greater driving distance on the course.

Keys to Remember

When executing a program designed to increase your speed and explosiveness, Gertsch reminds you about three key points:

  1. Warm up very well to minimize injury risk
  2. Never lose body tension
  3. Listen to your body. If you're tired or not feeling well, take a rest.

Speed Excercises

There are five exercises to focus on during this speed training. Each exercise requires multiple reps and multiple sessions of rest in order to see the maximum result.

  1. Wall Sprint
  2. Wall Hit
  3. Fast Jumps
  4. Cone Exercise
  5. Sprint

Finally, Gertsch recommends 72 hours of recovery time due to the intensity of the training exercises.

Ask the Academy

We want to help you become a better disc golfer. What are of your game do you need help with? We want to hear from you. Email ideas of what you'd like to see us cover with the Disc Golf Academy to academy@discmania.net.

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