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Disc Golf Academy – Off Season Training (Strength)

Disc Golf Academy

Our Disc Golf Academy Coach Andreas Gertsch believes the stronger you are the easier things become and your disc golf skills automatically get better. In our second installation of our Off Season Training series, Gertsch details how exercising can be easier than you might expect. If you focus on five key muscle groups, you'll see success: lower body, core, chest, back, and shoulders. By working on these areas, you can not only become more consistent on the course, but also avoid injury.

During the five-week bootcamp in Switzerland, Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon worked with various exercises designed to improve their results on the course. Lizotte summed it up best when he said, "the ones that are the best are the ones that truly burn. They aren't exhausting, but when you feel your muscles shaking, you know it's working."

For McMahon, he could tell he was making strides when they'd had weight or add reps to each exercise.

Excercises to Focus On

Gertsch recommends five exercises to build up strength. He reccomends doing them in this specific order for three sets with a one-two minute rest in between.

  1. Leg Curl
  2. Push Up
  3. Squat/Split Squat
  4. One Armed Row
  5. Overhead Press

Finally, Gertsch says to always remember good form and to do them four times a week. With this off-season strength training program, you'll be able to turn it into results on the course and lower your scores.

If you have any ideas we could cover in our future Disc Golf Academy articles, please let us know at academy@discmania.net.

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