Power of Positive Putting in Disc Golf

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For disc golfers of any skill level, putting is always the area that tends to need the most work. It doesn't matter if you can throw it 350 feet on the 370 foot hole if you can't convert the 20 foot putt that remains. Someone who throws two 180 foot shots and drops in a 10 footer just took the same score as you did, but you felt like a hotshot coming off the teepad. 

Feeling confident when putting in disc golf will help you elevate your game and really reach the next level. Just think about the last time you played a round of disc golf. Odds are you missed at least a putt or two from a distance that you feel you should have made. Fix those errors and that average looking round on the scorecard now looks quite a bit better. 

We've identified four things to help you work on so you can become a better putter on the disc golf course and a better disc golfer overall.

Every Basket is Your Favorite Basket

Basket at the Tampere Disc Golf Center

Put yourself in the mindset that whatever basket you’re putting on, is your favorite. One of the worst things you can do is have negative feelings on the putting green because of a basket. Maybe it is the type of basket or an elevated basket. Instead of thinking how you don’t like putting on elevated baskets, put it in your head that you love elevated baskets. “Putting on elevated baskets is my favorite!”

It seems small, but what goes on between your ears is most important. 

When You’re Not Hot

Sometimes you’re off. The putts just aren’t falling. We've all had those days. This is a great time to play the “I’m due” card.

If you keep missing and missing, you need to remember the odds are for you to start making putts. But you have to make sure you remind yourself this. It is all too easy to let the negativity of missed putts take over.

Instead of giving in to the negativity, harness some of that positive mental energy. Tell yourself that you’re due to make the next one! 

If you don't keep the positive mindset, things won't change and you'll just keep on missing. 

Bring Yourself Up

Eagle McMahon putting

It can be easy to let the negative feelings take over. If you feel this happening, you need to step back and reset. Cool off by taking 5-10 deep breaths and exhale that built up heat and negativity audibly through your mouth. Once you have control again, build yourself up with some positivity!

“I can do it”

“I am a good putter”

"I can make this putt"

Encourage yourself versus doing the alternative. If you think that seems hokey or embarrassing, the disc golfer who just nailed his putt to take the lead from you likely talked himself up while you're stuck watching. 

Stay Present

The last putt, the putt five holes ago, the putt coming up on hole 18…none of those matter. Focus on the the putt you have in front of you. You can’t change the past, so stay in the moment. This is one of the great things about disc golf; when you’re on the course, the only thing in the world that should have your focus is the current shot.

One of the keys to being a good putter is keeping positive. No matter your skill level, positive thoughts are going to give you more success than negative thoughts. Next time you're on the course, use the power of positive to putt your way to a new personal best score.

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