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Five Quick Ways to Reinvent Your Putting

Disc Golf Academy

One of the most popular disc golf questions is, “How can I improve my putting?” We’ve compiled five disc golf putting tips to help you lower your disc golf scores. The goal is to provide you quick results, but don’t be discouraged if it takes a little time before you see the changes. It’s a process and you have to stick with it. Regardless of the speed, get started today!

It doesn’t matter if it is a major disc golf tournament, or it’s you and your friends hitting the local course on the weekends, putting is going to make a difference. It doesn’t matter how great your drives are if you can’t convert the putt. In order to help you convert those key shots, here are five things to consider when putting in disc golf.


Breathe. Just Relax.

It seems like something simple, but a surprising number of disc golfers struggle with this. Timing your release with an exhale, whether audible or not, will help you relax on the green. Watch some of the best putters, they are calm and relaxed, which can be partially be attributed to breathing.

The next time you practice putting, make a conscious effort to notice if you have the exhale upon release. If you don’t, start with short putts and work your way out focusing on your breath.


Keep Your Chin Up

This one could have two meanings, but in this instance, it is a literal statement.

If you find yourself hitting front cage over and over, get that chin up! Chin down will result in missing putts low. It doesn’t have to be overly exaggerated, but give your chin a little nudge up and continue with your putting routine. Soon those low putts will be hitting the chains.

Eagle McMahon lines up a putt Eagle McMahon has his eyes locked on the basket.


Keep Your Eyes On The Target

Pick out a link on the chains or aim at a spot on the pole, whatever you choose, don’t let your eyes stray. Following your putter with your eyes or head is a big no-no. Doing so will throw off your control and balance.

If you decide to focus on a specific spot and your putts aren’t hitting that mark, try a second spot and see if that allows for a better putting motion. Everyone is unique. You’ll find your perfect focus spot.


Follow Through

Follow through and commit to making the putt by really reaching for the target. Hold your arm and hand out for an extended time. Think about a professional basketball player in the NBA shooting a free throw or three pointer. Their arm and hand remain in the air long after release.

There is no harm in holding the follow through. On the flip side, not following through is going to cost you making putts.

Colton Montgomery putting Colton Montgomery demonstrates a long follow through during his putt.


Believe. You’ve Got To Believe.

If you step up to a putt and are thinking about missing, there is a good chance that is what will happen. A strong mental game is key to disc golf, especially putting. Control the narrative!

Step up to your putt and visualize yourself making it. Keeping those positive thoughts on the forefront of your mind and as a result your putting will improve!


More Disc Golf Tips

Whether you simply in a slump or looking to learn, these five putting tips are going to help you make more putts on the disc golf course. These are just a small part of the disc golf tips we provide as part of the Disc Golf Academy.










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