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Gain Disc Golf Distance By Slowing Down

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Adding distance to your disc golf drives is something any disc golfer wants. When looking for suggestions, one idea tends to pop up more often than not.

You’ve likely read about starting with lower speed discs and even putters to hone your form before moving to higher speed discs. When told this information one of two excuses tend to appear when approached with this idea: “That isn’t fun,” or “I’m not a beginner.”

While ripping a new high speed driver is pretty enjoyable, your skill level doesn’t mean you are done learning. We’ve put together a simple and effective way of reinventing your disc golf game that revolves around the idea of starting with low speed discs, but taken to the next level.

If done correctly, we wouldn’t be surprised if your average score on certain holes is lowered and your overall round performance is better than it has ever been.

Eagle McMahon throws a putter on the fairway of a hole

Putter First, Putter Only

Take that giant bag of discs and pull out just your putters. We’d even suggest a few putters if that makes you more comfortable. For example, it might be one just for putting and one for throwing.

Go to your local course and play with just those discs. Yes, even the 500-foot-hole that you love to bomb your Discmania DDx. From off the tee to the final putt, it is just putters.

If done correctly, you will be down to strictly a mental game. You naturally walk up to a 300-350 foot hole and, depending on your skill level, you reach for a midrange or fairway driver. Yet, you might not walk away with the birdie every time.

Take your putter, the one you think you can’t throw 300 feet, and try it anyways. A Discmania P2 or P3x are perfect for this.

You’ll naturally put a little more effort into it. Note where it landed. How far off are you from your typical drives? It is likely closer than you’d expect.

Play one full round this way and look at your scores compared to when you have a loaded bag with many options. How similar are they? Could they be better than before?

Before moving on, do this at least three to five more times. Like we previously talked about, shot selection is everything in disc golf. This technique forces you to learn shots you never thought were possible. It’s training your body on how to actually throw a disc hard and not just lean on discs with more speed to fly further.

Simon Lizotte aims a shot with a putter

Baby Steps: Midranges Next

After you’ve done those putter-only rounds, go back to your bag and add in a midrange or two. Nothing else. The Discmania MD or MD3 are two good choices when reinventing your game.

On those holes where you wish you had a driver, and a putter isn’t cutting it because of the overall distance, reach for that midrange. You are still limiting your shot selection, but you will surprise yourself with how far you can throw a midrange when you really try. Reach back and let it rip the same way you throw your high speed drivers.

One benefit of a midrange over a distance driver is the control you gain. On a 400-foot-hole, you might not have full control on the drive which could easily leave you with a tougher second shot. This could lead to a tough putt. By playing smart and maintaining control, you will avoid those bogey chances and find more opportunities for par on this long holes.

Keep this simplified line up for at least three to five more rounds.

Review the holes where you previously reached for a driver, but a midrange off the teepad brought you a birdie chance instead. If you can convert at least a few of those chances, you’ve already shaved a few strokes off of your average score.

Ease Back Into Drivers

It will be tempting to just put your same selection of discs together on your next round, but really try and keep yourself honest. The more you can play with discs of a slower speed the better your form will become and the more distance you’ll gain.

It’s this type of work on the course that will pay off in the long run.

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