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X-Mania Mystery Box: What to Expect

Discmania X-Mania Mystery Box is back better than ever with fresh X-Mania stamp designs, stellar Signature/Creator Series discs, and more!

X-Mania Mystery Boxes unleash at Discmania Store US and Discmania Store Europe on Monday, June 10th. Check all the information within this article for what to expect out of this year's X-Mania Mystery Boxes!

What is X-Mania Mystery Box?

X-Mania encompasses our unique style of Discmania Summer Mystery Boxes. We work hard to bring more than just a box of misprints, from creating unique overstamps to ensuring every box contains a blend of awesome throwers and fan favorite releases.

X-Mania developed over a long-time close relationship with our customers, the Discmaniacs! Discmania remains the best Mystery Box makers in the business, taking in feedback for years on how to kick off the summer season with not only an awesome selection of discs at the best price possible, but an overall opening experience suited for newly fledged fans to the most hardcore Discmaniacs.

Special Stamps You Say?

That's right! Our design team went to the drawing board yet again to bring 4 brand new stamps featuring a blend of Maniac mascots and designs from Discmania's past, minted into Discmania present. Each box is guaranteed to feature two discs with these stamps, but which stamp and on which discs are the Mystery waiting inside each box!

Unleashed from the archival depths - Jackal, Craze, Hysteria, Gremlin, Frenzy, and Freak assemble to bring the MANIA to X-Mania!As tribute to our Maniac origins, our team created a chaotic mash-up of our old Discmania lineup titles. Can you match the names and faces?

The Best Deal in Disc Golf!

Each X-Mania Mystery Box comes packed with a variety of discs from Discmania's Originals and Evolution lines. You can expect;

  • 3 Signature/Creator Series misprint Or X-Out discs
  • 2 baseline misprint or X-Out discs
  • 4 other premium misprint or X-Out discs

With these discs, you can expect at least 2 discs featuring a new X-Mania stamp. 

That makes 9 discs total coming in at $79.99! This is your chance to get a great Discmania disc set at the best price possible!

What is a Misprint or X-Out?

A misprint is a disc that has not been deemed worthy for retail sale due to flaws either in production or the stamping process. Most of you will hear the word “misprint” used mainly in the Discmania community but there is also an “X-Out” which refers to those that have small variances or impurities in the production process that deem the discs to not be fit for full retail sales.

Misprints: Customers often value these types of discs the most because they appreciate how unique a disc ends up being. You’ll find little bits of history contained within a single work of art. One stamp may have been produced in 2018, while some others are from recent releases. Some discs may have one or two stamps on them while others could even have five to six different stamp designs at the same time.

X-Outs: Discs that contain small physical flaws or imperfections that did not pass the QC process. These are perfectly legal for PDGA sanctioned play and will not affect the flight of the disc. You may notice small dimples or trimming errors, impurities in the plastic at times. These discs may have only a single stamp applied to them but there is always a chance for multiple stamps as well.

Unlock FREE SHIPPING on your Mystery Box order!

Did you know we offer free shipping on orders over $150? This also applies to Mystery Boxes! Pick up a Mystery Box plus some other goodies or go big with multiple Mystery Boxes to unlock the free shipping!
** All bags and baskets are eligible for this offer as well within the United States. Need to get in that putting practice? We can help!

For further information, see the global X-Mania Mystery Box campaign page here!

Enjoy the Mystery!

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