Introducing our New Manufacturing Facility

Today marks the first day of a new era for Discmania. Everything we’ve done from the day the company started nearly 15 years ago has led to this moment.

We’ve always welcomed your feedback and always listened to it. We have been as transparent as we could have been, but we have kept one secret until now.

Introducing Discmania Manufacturing and Discmania Originals made by us, Discmania!

Discmania Manufacturing

Starting today, Discmania is officially a disc golf manufacturer. We’re doing it our way. We’re doing it the right way. Best of all, we’re doing it in our new state-of-the-art 22,000 square foot facility in Sweden.

Production of Discmania Originals is already in motion, and we will take over production of the Discmania Evolution collection in the same facility later this year. Production has been ramping up, and we won’t stop until the demand for Discmania is fully met.

Discmania Originals Made By Discmania

Yes, you read that right. We are now controlling all manufacturing of the Discmania Originals line. We’ve always wanted to create the most attractive products in disc golf. Products that look great and perform even better. To achieve that, we’ve developed our own plastic blends, perfected our molds, and have a 2021 release schedule already in place.

New Plastic Blends

Our new D-Line and C-Line plastic blends are truly industry leading. We haven’t cut any corners to find the best product available.

Starting with the new D-Line plastic, we’ve created the New P2. When putting, confidence is key. To help keep your confidence high, we’ve developed a unique texture to give you the best grip available on any baseline plastic in any conditions.

We also know everyone prefers a different amount of flex in their putters. Some like their putter super soft while others want them rock hard. We’ve designed three different flexes to our New D-Line P2, each one with the unique texture to give you the ultimate choice.

It’s the same great flight and performance you’ve grown to love, but with the best baseline plastic blend available.

Our new C-Line plastic has also been reinvented. This isn’t the C-Line of the past, it isn’t our Neo blend from the Evolution line, or whatever other premium plastic there is. This is ours and there is nothing else like it.

We enlisted the help of top international chemists to start the process at the molecular level. The custom formula went to multiple candidates to create a plastic blend we can stand behind in any circumstance. You wanted the best, this is the best.

The result is a stunning, Italian made blend that produces unmatched grip, flight performance, and durability. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. 

2021 Release Schedule

Earlier this year, we promised you we would bring five Originals molds to the market in 2021. Even though it’s already June, that plan has not changed. Manufacturing has been underway for a few weeks and production capacity is steadily increasing.

We are committed to bring the new P2, MD3, DD3, PD, and FD to the market which will also feature our popular signature series versions like Cloudbreaker, Sky God, and Iron Samurai.

The New D-Line P2 goes on sale tomorrow, June 22! The other four molds will be available in our new C-Line plastic in both Q3 and Q4. The wait won’t be as long as you think.

→ Prototype D-line P2 on Discmania Store

→ Prototype D-line P2 on Discmania Store Europe

Just Getting Started

Today is a very exciting day for us at Discmania. We’re very excited to get our new discs in your hands.

Best of all, this is just one of many announcements we’ll have in the coming months.

If you’ve been with us since the start, found us in the last few years, or this is your introduction to Discmania, we are grateful you are here. We might be nearly 15 years old, but we’re just getting started.

Thank you for everything! Remember, it’s never too late to Reinvent Your Game!

Press release, June 21st 

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