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Introducing the New P2 by Discmania

The wait is over. The first release of Discmania Originals made by Discmania is the globally loved P2. It’s the gold standard of disc golf putters, and you can get your hands on a special prototype run of our New P2, tomorrow, June 22.

Reinvented P2: New Texture, New Flexes

The flight and feel of the P2 you’ve known for years is certainly something we wanted to avoid messing with. In fact, we believe we’ve improved it. The New P2 has a straight-to-stable flight on any arm-speed.

To assist with grip, we developed a new unique texture as part of our new D-Line plastic. The result gives you unmatched grip in any condition when it matters most.

Along with our new unique texture, we also wanted to provide even more options to fans of the P2. We’re introducing three different flexes to our New P2.

We know everyone has their preferred amount of flex in their putters. For some, they like their putter super soft while others want them as hard as can be.

We’ve taken the industry standard and taken it to a new level. We won’t stop producing the New P2 until demand is fully met. You can be confident that we'll always be there.

Discmania’s New Era

The New P2 is just one of many exciting announcements to come, as our new era begins and we continue our quest to bring disc golf to the entire world.

Don’t miss our full announcement on our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Discmania Originals made by Discmania, and more!

Get your prototype D-line P2 here!

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