Introducing: the C-MD2 & John Rae (w/ videos!)

Back again! How have you guys been? Last week we did a small article about the PD & PD2 with Jussi Meresmaa shoving how to use them. This time it's time to give focus on a midrange driver so straight, it has already become a regular in the bag of one of the living legends of the sport.

Discmania C-line MD2

We're talking of course about the MD2 Fiend, C-line MD2 in this case to be exact. The Fiend is a disc that allows a player to shoot those controlled laser-line straight midrange shots that stick on the fairway. Control is the key when it comes to straight midranges, and the MD2 has got plenty of it. Now it's not the most stable midrange driver out there, there are other discs for that job (the Gremlin for example), but it will hold any line you choose to give it. It's a disc that takes a shot or two to master, but after that were pretty sure you won't be willing to ever leave it out your bag anymore.

Check out this vid with John Rae from team Discmania shows you some moves with it:

As it hasn't been announced before, here it comes: John Rae is an up and coming disc golfer with a solid track record bombing those 1000+ rated rounds mainly in the Cali region. John has been playing with our plastic for quite some time now and he felt like the right pick for our team as an ambassador of Discmania Golf Discs with his sportmanship and good reputation on and off the course. So welcome John, we're happy to have you!

Final message this time comes from the Clint Eastwood of Disc Golf, a true legend of the sport. As you may or may not know, most Innova players are allowed to play with Discmania discs and Ken Climo is one of the guys taking advantage of this possibility. Here's Ken with his favourite Discmania Disc: the C-line MD2!

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