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Taking them to the field: C-line PD&PD2 (w/ vids)

So yeah... If it's not yet been established as obvious, we are VERY stoked about the new C-line that's been out for a couple of weeks now. We are not the ones picking favorites here, but if you haven't had the chance to make acquaintances with the PD (Freak), we think you should totally check it out. Praised as the perfect number one driver, this disc in it's various forms (P,S,C) is so versatile there is a number of people out that basically fill their driver section of the bag with just PDs.

So without further a due: Here's Jussi showing how to avoid a water hazard with a new C-line PD:

Another disc gathering a substantial amount of buzz around it is the all-new PD2 (Chaos), which could be easily referred as a bigger brother for the PD. The PD2 is not a choice for a beginner, but will come in handy in various situations for an experienced player. With a 12,4,0,4 -flight characteristic rating, the PD2 is made for those huge bombs, both backhand or sidearm.

Check below to see how Jussi does it:

Our Power Drivers (PD&PD2) are all about control, no matter what the weather is like outside. So if you think you could add a little control to your game, try them out! We're pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

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