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Summer 2020 Mystery Box Drops July 1

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The Mystery Box by Discmania is certainly one of the most popular disc golf releases every year. It started in 2012 in Finland, but word quickly spread about what we were packing inside the annual release. By 2016, the Mystery Box hit the United States and now has multiple versions.

For the uninitiated, the Mystery Box carries at least a 150% total value. You go into the purchase blind, but those who buy from us each and every release know that we always deliver. Inside you’ll find limited stamps, exclusive discs, and brand new discs exclusive to the Discmania line up.

Planning for the Mystery Box begins well before it is released. We know we want to make things special and we challenge ourselves to raise the bar each and every time.

Online Sales Manager Chris Brubeck says each release is a special one, “The Mystery Box is a culmination of years of ideas, innovation, hard work, and creativity. We pour our heart and soul into this project, reinventing the way we approach this exciting campaign each and every time. We've stepped up our game once again and can't wait to share the moment with you.”

Summer Mystery Box

While the Mystery Box was just a winter release, the summer release was soon added and is the perfect celebration in the middle of the year. This year, we initially had things set for June, but due to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to wait and do things the right way… and we’re ready.

The 2020 Summer Mystery Box will be released Wednesday, July 1 at 11 a.m. Eastern Time/8 a.m. Pacific.

The first edition box features one of our most popular Evolution molds in a never before seen plastic. That’s all we can say for now… but you won’t want to miss this one!

Read more about the Mystery Box at European customers can learn more at

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