Grab your box and Solve the mystery!

What is Discmania Creator Series?

We continue to reinvent our game at Discmania with the new Creator Series initiative. But what does it really mean?

You likely noticed us use this term on popular releases such as the Tilt and our newest upcoming release, the Cloud Breaker. This brought up many questions for Discmaniacs around the globe. Well, here’s the skinny!

Designing Discs for Team Discmania

It’s no secret that top professionals need ultimate confidence in their equipment to perform at the highest levels. Here at Discmania, we take their needs and input into consideration when designing our discs. This has been the case for molds like the Cloud Breaker since its inception. 

So, why the change now? With the opening of our own state of the art production facility, we have more control over our products than ever before. Now when Eagle asks for an adjustment to the Cloud Breaker we can bring those requests to fruition at our will.

“I’m really grateful that Discmania realizes the importance of giving me some input in the design process so I can have confidence in my discs.” - Eagle McMahon

In the case of the Tilt, Simon was directly involved in creating the mold itself. Without Simon, there is no Tilt. And if in the future he decides alterations should be made, we will do the bidding of the creator!

This is the same with the Cloud Breaker. Now that it is a Creator Series mold, it is completely separate from the stock DD3 mold. If we tweak the Cloud Breaker according to Eagle’s wishes, only the Cloud Breaker changes. 

All the creator series discs are made with the player. So the player is directly included in the design process.” - Jussi Meresmaa

Signature Series

We get the most questions regarding Signature Series, and what the difference is between those and Creator Series discs.

First of all, Signature Series discs are not going anywhere and will continue to be part of the Discmania lineup. Signature Series still support the players they are made for, and likely will have some unique characteristics such as plastic type.

The big difference is that Signature Series molds are not altered from their stock counterparts. 

The Future of Player Design

The Creator Series initiative is more than just a name. It is our commitment to bringing the best performing equipment to the highest performing athletes. When you see Creator Series you know you are getting the preferred flight, feel, and look of your favorite players. We are excited for all the possibilities and what our players will create!

For a deeper look into the Creator Series process, check out the Cloud Breaker documentary on our YouTube here!

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