Pro Worlds 2014 Preview

My first Disc Golf World Championships are coming up next week and I’m more than excited to compete against world’s best on four really long and challenging courses. After our week in Iceland Avery and I flew back to our “home base” in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The week we had there was packed with getting the Motorhome ready to get us to worlds and through our “Northern Tour” this summer. We actually ripped out the entire kitchen and bathroom in it to make some more storage room for plastic goods. I would guess we are carrying around 2000 discs at the moment but we surely hope to get rid of a good amount of those at the Worlds Flymart.

Avery and "the Maniac" in front of the famous Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon.
Avery and “the Maniac” in front of the famous Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon.

We’ve been in Portland, Oregon for about 5 days now and already had enough time to practice all of the course we are going to play. Blue Lake Park, Milo McIver State Park East and West, and Trojan Park are the four courses on our list. The great thing about three of these courses is that they really suit my game. Both Milo courses and Blue lake have some really beautiful long par 4’s and 5’s with lots of room to crush. I feel very comfortable competing on those three courses since I love bombing my PD2s out there. I can’t wait for competition to start. There will be some amazing shots to see, I’m sure.

The one course I am having a little bit of trouble with is the course in Trojan Park. I don’t really like the design and I hate losing discs. This course makes it really easy to lose some really nice plastic on almost every hole. I’ve heard a couple of complaints about this course by other players too so I think we will all have some trouble out there. For me the Trojan course is a “lay up and get your par” kind of course and everybody who knows my game knows that I HATE laying up. Maybe it was just the first impression I’ve got from it and it might turn out as an alright course, but what I’ve seen and heard so far, Trojan Disc Golf Course should not be in this World Championships.

Simon at the Trojan Park
Simon at the Trojan Park.

So, my first mission will be to crush some bombs on Sunday in the field events to get my first title of the week. The Worlds competition starts on Tuesday in the two Milo courses and I really, really want to do well and I will make sure to be focused and as prepared as possible. I feel like a big opportunity is coming up for me so I want to take advantage of these big courses. It’s time to take the next step. It’s about who wants it the most and I’m sure my competition wants to win as much as I do. Let’s have a great time and may the best win.

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