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Ask the Disc Golf Academy; Become a Better Disc Golfer

Disc Golf Academy

There is one common goal for every disc golfer. It doesn't matter your age, gender, location, or experience, we all want to improve. It might be having more success putting, better accuracy off the teepad, more control on approach shots, or even developing a better forehand or backhand shot. Regardless, the goal of improvement is hard wired into each and every one of us.

Discmania's new Disc Golf Academy is designed to help disc golfers just like you. While we are actively working on numerous instructional posts and videos, we want to ensure we are creating the best content for you. In order to do this, we need to hear from you.

Avery Jenkins - Disc Golf Academy

Our instructors, including Team Discmania members Avery Jenkins, Dana Vicich, and Andreas Gertsch are wanting to hear from disc golfers of all skill levels. All of the ideas that have been submitted so far have been outstanding and have been added to our production schedule.

Don't assume that someone has submitted your question or topic. Plus, what you think is a unique situation, might apply to other disc golfers around the world.

Submit Your Disc Golf Questions

Submit your ideas or questions to academy@discmania.net. Each and every submission will receive a response to confirm the submission. We've just scratched the surface with the Disc Golf Academy. We're just getting started, but we want you along for the ride.

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