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Bartosz Kowalewski Moves from Combine to Tour in 2018

Ever heard of the saying “hit the ground running”? Meet someone who lives that phrase on a daily basis: Bartosz Kowal...
Disc Life

Bob Kulchuk: Disc Golf on All Fronts

After playing Ultimate for nearly 20 years, Bob Kulchuk fell in love with disc golf in 2012. Since then, one of the f...
Disc Life

Krystof Novak Lives a Busy Life of Disc Golf

For many, just the thought of being in your early 20s and not only working in the disc golf industry, but also combin...
Disc Life

Eagle’s Disc Life: Keeping Hot at the Memorial

Fresh off his PDGA National Tour win in Las Vegas, Eagle McMahon traveled south for the first event on the Disc Golf ...
Disc Life

Disc Golf for the Non-Touring Pro

As an amateur disc golfer, you might have the dream of someday going pro. You buy the expensive bag, the new name bra...
Disc Life

Grady Shue: A Discmania Combine Gem

When we started the Discmania Combine, we aimed to find the next flock of disc golfers who will be making an impact i...
Disc Life

Eagle’s Disc Life: Taking down Las Vegas

For Eagle McMahon the first few weeks of 2018 have been nothing but exciting. After spending five weeks in Switzerlan...
Disc Life

Subscribe to Discmania Weekly

The best way to ensure you don’t miss anything coming from Discmania’s headquarters is to subscribe to our weekly new...
Disc Life

Instagram Favorites of the Shield: February 2018

The PDGA National Tour is officially underway, the weather is warming up, and we can feel the buzz around the disc go...
Disc Life

Steven Braud: Latest to Seize the Shield

Team Discmania continues to grow in 2018. In December, we announced the signing of our five newest members via the Co...
Disc Life

Colten Montgomery: All-In on Disc Golf

If you catch the Discmania RV, the Maniac, on the highway or at your local course in 2018, it is safe to say that Tea...
Disc Life

Lasse Jansson: A Life in Disc Golf

For Team Discmania member Lasse Jansson, his life is nearly all disc golf. The top 20 ranked disc golfer in Sweden li...
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