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Andrei Betea: Not Giving Up on Disc Golf

Andrei Betea is yet another member of Team Discmania who at one point in his career turned heads and made a name for ...
Disc Life

Watch our Weekly Live Show β€˜the Shield’

With so much going on every week at Discmania, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on any of the news, new rel...
Disc Life

Juho VΓ€hΓ€talo: Diverse Forms of Disc Golf

Team Discmania’s Juho VΓ€hΓ€talo is another disc golfer with a bright future ahead of him. Just 22 years old, VΓ€hΓ€talo ...
Disc Life

Simon Lizotte Feeling Healthy, Will Attend the Glass Blown Open

The 2018 disc golf season has been a roller coaster for Team Discmania's Simon Lizotte. A first place finish at the M...
Disc Life

Dominik Stampfer: Big Goals, Strong Mind

Dominik Stampfer has a goal: increase disc golf’s popularity in Germany. While he certainly isn’t the only person beh...
Disc Life

Eagle’s Disc Life: Colorado to Jonesboro

The start of the 2018 season saw Eagle McMahon play in three tournaments in three weeks. A third place finish at the ...
Disc Life

The Disc Golf Champion of Calm: Leo Piironen

If you were to poll disc golfers around the world, especially in Europe, to find who has the best mental game, one na...
Disc Life

Introducing the National Disc Golf Tour

Edited on April 2nd, 2018: April Fools! Soon after the announcing the Disc Golf World Tour would be taking 2018 off, ...
Disc Life

Instagram Favorites of the Shield: March 2018

While parts of the world are finally breaking out of winter and showing signs of spring, there is still plenty of sno...
Disc Life

Bartosz Kowalewski Moves from Combine to Tour in 2018

Ever heard of the saying β€œhit the ground running”? Meet someone who lives that phrase on a daily basis: Bartosz Kowal...
Disc Life

Bob Kulchuk: Disc Golf on All Fronts

After playing Ultimate for nearly 20 years, Bob Kulchuk fell in love with disc golf in 2012. Since then, one of the f...
Disc Life

Krystof Novak Lives a Busy Life of Disc Golf

For many, just the thought of being in your early 20s and not only working in the disc golf industry, but also combin...
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