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Discmania hits Taiwan

As the strange crime surrounding the disappearance of our C-line prototypes is still being investigated in Finland, t...

Burglary at the Discmania warehouse, C-line prototypes stolen!

The very second we arrived to our warehouse this morning and saw the tire marks in the snow, we realized that somethi...

Avery Jenkins took the title at Asia Open

International newsflash: Team Discmania and Innova player Avery Jenkins scorched the Asia Open course last weekend ...

European Open registration opens!

The Champions return to Finland for the 4th European Open! Discmania is once again heavily involved with European O...

Disc Golf in Brazil

Have you ever planned your next holiday trip based on a location that offers exiting new Disc Golf courses nearby, ...

Chaos will reign!

C'mon! Admit it. We know you've been waiting for this. You've probably browsed through the Discgolfreview discussion ...

Some old faithful Swedes back in the team

It's 2011! Are you excited already? Good, 'cause we sure are! Lot's of interesting stuff happening this year. Europea...

Team Discmania 2011 - first signings

First glimpse to the Team Discmania 2011 is here! Seppo Paju and Leo Piironen were promoted from Discmania Junior tea...

New website!

Hi friend! You are currently looking at the brand new Discmania Golf Discs website, isn't it shiny and everything? Go...
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