Spring Tour Recap

#WOW: What an adventure. 8 tournaments, over 11000 miles on the road, 20 states, 18 instructional clinics, over 60 new courses played and hundreds more amazing experiences throughout our Deep in the game US spring tour. Words can’t really describe how lucky I am to have this crazy opportunity in life to do what I love to do. I have to say it again and I will say it again in the future. THANK YOU Discmania and TEAM for making an incredible life like this possible for me. Every success I have is because of my team, which always has my back and supports me in every situation. #ForTheTeam

Gateway Arch in St. Louis

#AveryJenkins: If touring the states in an RV isn’t cool enough yet, I had the pleasure and honor to take on the US roads with my friend, partner and coach Avery Jenkins. If you don’t look up to Avery, if you’re into disc golf, I don’t know who you should look up to. The way he dedicates his time and entire life to disc golf is truly remarkable and I see no one giving the effort he is to grow this sport. I couldn’t be the player I am now without him and I know how many other players feel the same way. If he’s not living disc golf, he’s dreaming disc golf. Thank you Avery for showing me the way! #EnoughSaid

#ReinventYourGame: Sometimes people ask me: “How can I get better at putting?” I like to answer like this: “Practice!”. Somehow some people don’t understand that without practice there is no chance to improve. Before the tour I practiced for 7 weeks straight, every day. And now looking at where it brought me is crazy I think. The most memorable tip I’ve received in the last 4 months: “If you want to win tournaments, you have to give 100% to every shot. If you can manage that, you will win.” I didn’t believe at that point that that tip would reinvent my game. I’ve learned to never give up and believe in my chances. #Commitment

#Japan: I’ve been practicing with my lighter discs for about a week now. It’s still a weird feeling, especially putting is a new game. I’ve never been to Asia and obviously never played the Japan Open course so I can’t really predict my chances yet. I’m really looking forward to a new country and culture. I’ve heard such great things about how they treat us players there and just the feeling of being in Japan will be awesome, I’m sure. I hope I can keep on pushing my limits and bother the other pros out there. Nothing but good times ahead! #LifeRocks

My Japan Open discs