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About Deep in the Game

Our new documentary series “Deep in the Game” is a new breed of Disc Golf videos. These high-quality production shorts showcase five different Disc Golf clinics by Avery Jenkins and Jussi Meresmaa, with each episode concentrating on a separate aspect of the game of Disc Golf.

While Deep in the Game’s main objective is to get the viewer under the pro player’s skin, it also offers eye-candy by extraordinary camera angles and movie-like storytelling.

There are tons of How To –videos in YouTube, but we want to tell you also WHY? We want to inspire people to reinvent their game.

Deep in the Game introduces a new level to Disc Golf videos in the Internet. Around 10 minute episodes gives new perspectives, tips and makes learning as an experience. See the game of Disc Golf being played and explained like you’ve never seen before. Brought to you in HD quality by Discmania Golf Discs.

More info will follow shortly. In the meanwhile follow the Deep in the Game -facebook page for updates & sneak peaks.

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