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EO2011 complete coverage (over 5hrs of HD video)!

Earlier we've posted updates about the play-by-play coverage from 1st and 2nd rounds of this years Discmania & ...
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More EO action in the intertubes!

Last week we did a little post about the first round of the European Open 2011 being live at YouTube courtesy of lcgm...
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European Open first round now live!

Our friends at lcgm8 Disc Golf have succeeded to put the pieces together from the first round of Discmania & In...

Team Discmania brings home the titles

"This time I'll do it for sure" wrote Team Discmania member Seppo Paju on his blog on last Thursday, just a day bef...
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Meet Avery Jenkins

So yeah... We guess most of you know by now that Disc Golf World Champ 2009 Avery Jenkins is rocking Discmania plasti...

Introducing: the C-MD2 & John Rae (w/ videos!)

Back again! How have you guys been? Last week we did a small article about the PD & PD2 with Jussi Meresmaa shovi...

Taking them to the field: C-line PD&PD2 (w/ vids)

So yeah... If it's not yet been established as obvious, we are VERY stoked about the new C-line that's been out for...

Discmania C-line Release March 7th! Check out the vid!

Guess what is the most popular question we've been asked in the past 10 months? We'll give you hint: It's got everyth...

Unleash the Frenzy!

[caption id="attachment_294" align="alignnone" width="500"] Racks full of Frenzies waiting for the shop to...
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