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Discmania’s Key Putters: P1x vs. P2 vs. P3x

In disc golf, it doesn’t matter if you can drive 400 feet on every hole if you can’t convert the putt. Having confide...
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New Signature Series: Swirly S-Line FD3 Doom Bird 2

The sequel to a popular signature series release.
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Five Reasons You Need a Discmania Mystery Box

Great discs at a great value with just a hint of the unknown.
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McMahon Soars at 2018 Beaver State Fling, Lizotte Fifth

McMahon makes it three PDGA National Tour wins in 2018.
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Colten Montgomery - In the Bag 2018

Learn what Colten Montgomery carries in 2018.
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Oskari Vikström joins Team Discmania

The 15-year-old is challenging the best in Europe.
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2018 Masters Cup: Discmania Places Two in Top 10

Eagle McMahon and Nate Perkins finish in the Top-10.
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Signature Series: Color Glow MD3 McMahon Crowned Eagle

When the Eagle McMahon signature Glow MD3 was released, it quickly became one of our most popular midranges. We knew ...
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McMahon wins 2018 Glass Blown Open, Discmania Places Four in Top-Eight

Team Discmania’s presence at every notable PDGA tournament in 2018 continued this week at the PDGA National Tour’s Gl...
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Your New Favorite Putter: D-Line P3x

It’s no secret that the Discmania P2 is one of the most popular disc golf putters within the world of disc golf, espe...
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