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Discmania Combine Returns with Three Events in 2018

The Discmania Combine started out as an idea to help us find the next wave of disc golf talent. Little did we know th...
Disc Life

Bob Kulchuk: Disc Golf on All Fronts

After playing Ultimate for nearly 20 years, Bob Kulchuk fell in love with disc golf in 2012. Since then, one of the f...
Tour / Promotions

Grady Shue Named 2017 PDGA Rookie of the Year

Team Discmania’s Grady Shue has been named the 2017 Professional Disc Golf Association Rookie of the Year. Shue earne...
Tour / Promotions

Let’s Grow Women’s Disc Golf, $1,000 Investment for the Best Plan

The disc golf community has seen the “grow the sport” mentality for years now. Through the grassroots style campaign,...

Eagle McMahon - In the Bag 2018

For Eagle McMahon, the start of the 2018 season has been on a level all by itself within professional disc golf. High...
Tour / Promotions

Dana Vicich Showing No Signs of Slowing Down

When Dana Vicich was young, he was a fan of anything you could throw. Rocks, balls, frisbees. It didn’t matter. Vicic...
Disc Golf Academy

Five Quick Ways to Reinvent Your Putting

One of the most popular disc golf questions is, “How can I improve my putting?” We’ve compiled five disc golf putting...

Simon Lizotte On 'The Perfect Flight' Podcast

The Perfect Flight podcast is a new disc golf podcast focused on the all the disc golf action in Europe. To help get ...
Disc Life

Eagle’s Disc Life: Keeping Hot at the Memorial

Fresh off his PDGA National Tour win in Las Vegas, Eagle McMahon traveled south for the first event on the Disc Golf ...
Disc Life

Disc Golf for the Non-Touring Pro

As an amateur disc golfer, you might have the dream of someday going pro. You buy the expensive bag, the new name bra...
Disc Life

Grady Shue: A Discmania Combine Gem

When we started the Discmania Combine, we aimed to find the next flock of disc golfers who will be making an impact i...
Disc Life

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