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Tour / Promotions

Discmania Active Ready to Fly

Discmania Active is released!
Tour / Promotions

Simon Lizotte In the Bag 2019

Spoiler: More than the 500 foot P2.
Tour / Promotions

Discmania Mobile Store Touring the United States

Discmania is coming to an event near you!
Tour / Promotions

Eagle McMahon: In the Bag 2019

So many new discs... and a few that haven’t been released yet!
Tour / Promotions

Spring 2019 Production Announcement

As a part of our normal product management procedures, we have decided to remove some of our models from production. ...
Tour / Promotions

Playoff with Perkins Coming to a Course Near You

Exclusive discs and a chance to play with Nate Perkins!
Tour / Promotions

Discmania Active: From Finland to China to the World

Discmania Active will be released this spring.
Tour / Promotions

2019 Discmania Combine Dates Announced

Three stops are planned around the United States.
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