European Masters – Timing Disasters

So after three weeks in my home town Bremen, Germany, life on tour continued with one of the biggest European events of all time – the European Masters in Stockholm, Sweden. It was broadcast live by a professional TV crew in 180 countries and in the Finnish national television. Tell me about the disc golf boom in Finland!

Besides me really loving this course and it being maybe the most beautiful and best kept ones on this planet, I knew that this course doesn’t suit my game at all, since a lot of the holes are lay up and placement shots. My results have been pretty sad in the past years in Stockholm so I was actually motivated to make a change and prove myself that even on a course like this one I have a chance to be the best.

Here's a view from Tee #5. It's a very nice par 4 hole with an elevated tee and a fairway curving to the right between the trees.

Here’s a view from Tee #5. It’s a very nice par 4 hole with an elevated tee and a fairway curving to the right between the trees.

The tournament started great for me and I shot the hot round, tying Schusterick and Nybo for the lead. I thought I had myself dialed in and the putts were on point.

Unfortunately the second round proved me wrong. My timing was so off like it hasn’t been in a long time. I early released on about 30% of the holes which gave me a really hard time to keep up with my card. So the second round didn’t go well but I still was in an allright position to attack for the next two rounds because I knew we were only half way through this event.

This third round was kinda crazy because I only played 17 holes. I was sure my tee time was at 1:40. I must have slipped in the lines checking my tee time because my actual tee time was 1:30. I was playing the little putt and approach course with two kids as my card started teeing off. Suddenly I just heard people shouting for “SIIIMOOONN!!” My heart stopped beating because I already knew what was going on. I full on sprinted to the tee and just watched Wiggins tee off, who was the player teeing after myself. In that moment I realized: “Okay, I’m taking a 9 on hole one – this will be tough to come back from.” I ended up shooting a painful 66 (+2) and my chances to finish in the top 5 where gone. I’m pretty sure this is a once in a lifetime mistake… I hope.

In the final round I shot a smooth, bogey free 57 (-7) to finish in a tie for 17th. Wow, not the result anyone was expecting, I guess. I want to congratulate Paul, Catrina for their Championships and all the people that made this extraordinary tournament possible! It was a privilege to play here.

Crowds on Hole #16.

Crowds on Hole #16.

The great thing about tournaments like this is that you can learn so much from your mistakes. It was a great mental test for me and I learned a lot once again. The next tournament coming up is my first World Championships! I am really excited to get back to Cali and jump back into the motorhome with Avery. I think the courses at Worlds will suit my game better and I will give it my best shot to challenge the best. Now Avery, Greg and myself are off to Iceland to check out the Disc Golf scene there! Very excited about this upcoming trip!!!

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