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Bartosz Kowalewski

Bartosz Kowalewski

From: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Joined Team Discmania: 

About Bartosz:

A very competitive, driven and self-motivated athlete, Bartosz Kowalewski is no stranger to sports. Competing in almost every sport that he could since high school, he went on to play both soccer and volleyball at Lawrence Technological University for four years. Born and raised in Michigan, it's not a surprise that he picked up disc golf as quickly as he did. With over 400 courses, there is a variety of courses to develop every part of ones game. Bartosz started playing competitively in 2015.  He made the jump to the professional level in 2017, winning 7 events and placing top 5 in 17 more. Kowalewski was also selected to join Team Discmania by means of the Michigan combine that year.  

Since turning pro, Bartosz has averaged over 30 events played each year, and he doesn't show signs of slowing down. “Disc Golf is a passion of mine. The competitiveness and level of play that you see out on the course is next-level. It pushes me to keep exploring and finding new ways to throw the disc further, and more accurately.” He plays most every major event that occurs in the Midwest region, while occasionally traveling to play some of the National Tour or Pro Tour events. “The mind is a powerful tool, and it's up to us to decide if we want to use it to our advantage or not. That’s the key to playing great”

Off the course, Bartosz loves helping out in the local community. Whether it be new course design, holding clinics, weekend cleanup or helping at the local shop/club, you will see him there. One of his long term goals are to build and design his own course. “Since being with Discmania, my game has changed on so many levels. The team is more like family, and we always have a good time when we are able to get together. From the guys who work at the factory to all of the athletes out on the course, it really is an honor to represent Discmania.”

Notable titles and feats:

  • 2019 & 2020 2x Gem City Champion
  • 2019 & 2021 Dayton Match Play Champion
  • 2018 Boot-A-Pest Open Champion
  • 8th at 2016 Amateur World Championships
  • 2016 Southern Michigan Open (MA1)
  • 2016 Great Lakes Open (MA1)

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