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Asher Weideman

Asher Weideman

From: Washington, USA
Handedness: Right
PDGA: #143900
Joined Team Discmania: 2024


About Asher:

I was introduced to disc golf by my friend Reed in 2020 but didn't fall in love immediately. My dad continued to bring me to the local course and I began to play junior tournaments.

I really enjoy the challenge of navigating the different aspects of succeeding on the course from disc selection, hole analysis, environmental challenges, and the mental strength required to persevere to victory. I love watching the top players in the world and learning what they do to elevate their game.

I'm excited to partner with Discmania in finding success on and off the course.


Notable titles and feats:

  • 2023 Junior World Championships 5th place MJ15
  • 2023 Packex Cup MA1 Champion
  • 2023 Odus Fall Open MA1 Champion
  • 2022 Farragut Open MA1 Champion
  • 2022 Junior World Championship 8th place MJ15
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