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John Ryan III

John Ryan III

From: Redlands, CA, United States
Joined Team Discmania: 

About John:

My interest in disc golf took off during COVID when I was 10 years old. Before COVID, I had played baseball for 7 years. I had also played disc golf casually a few times a year with my dad, and joined him on a few road trips bagging disc golf courses! In mid 2021, I transitioned from baseball to competing full-time in disc golf because I needed an outlet for my competitive nature, and COVID had shut everything down. Overall, I've played more than 460 courses across 26 states and 2 countries, and most of those over the last four years.
Living in Southern California has allowed me to train and play year-round. Every Wednesday night, I play in a Doubles Glow League half a mile from my house. I drive primarily with my right hand and I prefer to putt with my left hand. I'm currently working on being able to drive and putt with both arms to distinguish my game from other players. I'm very ambitious. I want to be the best and compete with the best. I'm an emotional player that strives for perfection. I finished 3rd at Junior Worlds in 2022, 17th at Junior Worlds in 2023, and will do everything I can to improve upon that this year. 
I fell in love with Discmania through YouTube. Watching Eagle and Simon videos really got me hooked on Discmania plastic. I really like ripping forehands and watching Eagle McMahon throw them. He's my favorite player, and he inspired me to work hard to make it onto Team Discmania. Now that he’s left Discmania, I want to fill that void. To rise above and compete with him in the future. My priorities for this year are to strength train, develop both backhands, and continue to get better. I really enjoy traveling and hope to continue to do more of that when I have the time this summer. I will play my 500th unique course this year. 

Notable titles and feats:

  • 2023 PDGA Points champion MJ15
  • 2023 NADGT Junior National Champion MJ15
  • 2023 NorCal Series Champion MA1
  • 2023 SoCal Series Point Champion MA1
  • 2023 Billy Goat Memorial Champion MPO

Follow John:

Top 6 Discs:

FD2, Rainmaker, DD3, Tactic (Razor Claw 3), MD5, and PDX

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