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Harry Chace

Harry Chace

From: East Greenwich, RI, USA
Joined Team Discmania: 

About Harry:

Growing up, I was always the kid that brought a frisbee everywhere. I was always fascinated by flight patterns and the glide of a disc, but never played competitively until I was 15 and found both Ultimate and Disc Golf.

My passion for the game pivoted at the 2018 United States Junior Disc Golf Championship. I was a casual player at the time and didn’t know anything about the pro scene. Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to becoming the best player I can be!

Recently, I have been competitive in large events across the northeast, taking down a few wins along the way. My goals for 2022 are to improve my game every day, put in the work, and become the best local player in my area. I could not be more excited to represent the most innovative brand in Disc Golf!

Notable titles and feats:

  • 2021 & 2022 Fox Bite Open Champion

  • 2021 US Amateur Championships 3rd Place

  • 2022 Warwick Disc Golf Championships
  • 2022 Sunstein Open at 501 Champion 
  • 2022 Philadelphia Open Champion

Follow Harry:

Top 6 Discs:

Rainmaker, Neo Origin, Lux Vapor Method, C-Line FD, Metal Flake FD3, Special Blend Cloudbreaker

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