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Julien Quenneville

Julien Quenneville

From: Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
Joined Team Discmania: 

About Julien:

Julien has been playing disc golf out of the Quebec and Eastern Ontario region since 2013, and prides himself on his positive outlook both on and off the course. On the course, he’s known for his electrifying putting abilities, which have won him many tournaments. Off the course, he’s focused on supporting the game through coaching, tournament support, and positive ‘can do’ attitude towards everyone around him. “Juju”, as his friends call him, is known for his determined approach to everything he does in life, and is a true competitor who practices until the sun goes down, and the snow falls.

 In 2021, Julien made the decision to explore the country through a coast-to-coast disc golf tournament tour. Despite sleeping in (or on) his car, he was able to compete and win events across the country. While doing this, he was lending a hand at tournaments, supporting TDs with practice nets, and volunteering his time with demos, clinics, and general support. He is grateful for the relationships he has made during this trip and excited for how this can support his goal of bringing the country together through disc golf. Julien is honoured to be representing Discmania & supporting DiscGolfPark across Canada in 2022. He plans to use this new role to support players, volunteers, tournament crews, coaches, course builders, and everyone across the country.

Notable titles and feats:

  • 2019 Disc Golf Quebec Series Champion
  • 2020 Tournée Pro-Am Quebec Champion
  • 2021 Ettyville Disc Golf Champion

Follow Julien:

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