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Pete Niemelä

Pete Niemelä

From: Tampere, Finland
Handedness: Right
PDGA: #64027
Joined Team Discmania: 2024

About Pete:

Pete found disc golf by accident in 2010, when his friends asked Pete to join them for a casual round in Epilä DGP, near where Pete lived, which is a course where European Open were held back in 2006-2009. Pete didn't know anything about the sport and he thought that he was going to play catch. Little did he know and he was sold after that first time and after many bad shots. He spent almost the whole of his summer in Epilä and fell in love with the sport and to the flight of the disc.

Pete played his first weeklies in 2011 and first PDGA competitions in 2012, after that Pete has participated in almost 150 PDGA competitions in Finland and many other European countries. He is a familiar face in Finnish team, doubles and MP40 championships.

Pete is a household name in the disc golf scene in Tampere and in Finland although he doesn't have a 1000 rating, everybody knows the monkey, but the monkey doesn't know everybody.

He was a part founder in his DG club and is the mastermind behind Winter Series, a winter disc golf tour that is played in 10 courses per year in winter and these competitions are always full! This Winter Series is a joint effort of all the disc golf clubs in the Tampere area. Pete and his disc golf club has nowadays moved the Winter Series torch onwards and now Pete is only a regular player in this tour.

Pete has done a lot of volunteer work in the disc golf scene and he is a familiar face in European and European Amateur Open, where he has done almost every job there is, from building the course, flagging OB's and to being a PDGA Marshall. There are over 20 competitions where Pete has been a TD, assistant TD or course TD.

Nowadays Pete wants to play as many competitions as he can, focusing mainly on MP40 competitions, Finnish master tour and Finnish Master Championships.


Notable titles and feats:

  • Few career wins in amateur divisions, hopefully biggest win is still to come =)
  • Starting the Winter Series and being part of founding his disc golf club.


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