Juho Rantala

Juho Rantala

From: Lieto, Suomi
Born: 1991
Handedness: Right
Joined Team Discmania: 2024

About Juho:

I got hooked up with disc golf back in 2016. I threw discs around a year and felt my passion for the sport grow rapidly. I noticed that I had bought tons of discs and I loved them.

Unfortunately, shortly after that I hurt my back and had to quit the sport. The rehabilitation of my back took several years and I had already decided that I'll never play disc golf again. I sold all of my discs and bags, yet the interest towards disc golf stayed and I kept following disc golf tournaments.

In 2022 after a long hiatus from the sport, I went to play disc golf with my friend again and the passion reignite immediately. I decided that this time I will not injure myself again, and I started improving my technique. Also, I decided that I'm not going to hoard discs and instead focus on getting better at throwing. Despite that, I quickly noticed that the inner disc collector hasn't disappeared.

Disc golf filled up my entire free time and discs filled the boxes. I started practising from ground up and trained every day. I also had a passion for the social media side as I love taking pictures and videos. Soon my Instagram and TikTok started filling up with disc golf content.

A lot has happened within the past year and I'm more than happy to get to represent Discmania in the coming season. Discmania as a brand has always been with me through these years and it has felt the most natural disc golf brand for me to throw.


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