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Sam Liken

Sam Liken

From: Christchurch, New Zealand
Handedness: Right
Joined Team Discmania: 

About Sam:

My Dad and I began playing disc-golf in the summer of 2019, when I was 12, as I had stopped playing cricket as a summer sport. We live very close to a very popular beginner-friendly course, which was a great starting point.

I played my first tournament as a junior in late 2021, and I really love the competitive side of the game. I won my first big tournament at the New Zealand Nationals in 2022, where I won MJ15's. I really put a lot of effort into my game beginning in 2023, doing a lot of fieldwork, regular putting practice, and playing 14 sanctioned events and two leagues - mainly in juniors, but also a number of tournaments as an MA1. We were able to travel to a number of weekend tournaments as I was no longer playing soccer.

2024 has been an exciting year so far, with some big gains in distance, overall consistency, and general mental game. I have so far won 3 tournaments as an MA1, and will be playing MPO for all my upcoming tournaments. I am very excited to be representing Discmania and feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity.


Notable titles & feats:

  • 2022 NZ Nationals MJ15 Winner
  • 2023 South Island Champs MJ18 Winner
  • 2023/24 NZ Elite Series MA1 Champion
  • 2024 Armageddon Overall Champion


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