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Dominik Stampfer

Dominik Stampfer

From: Germany
Joined Team Discmania: 

About Dominik

Dominik's first Disc Golf experience was in 2004, when his brother took him out to a local course. Year by year Disc Golf got more to his focus beside other sports. In 2007, he got involved in a support program of his local club to take part in the European Championship 2008 as a Junior player on his home course in Söhnstetten, Germany. There was no doubt that there was be a promising carrier ahead of this kid.

Nowadays, you can find this tall man always in top positions when he's competing in tournaments in Germany or even abroad. With numerous wins on the national tour, including three overall wins of the German Tour and three national Championships under his belt, Dominik is one of the top players in Germany alongside Simon Lizotte. Besides playing on the course, this young man is an active promoter off the course: Dominik is the Chairman of his local club, he's doing workshops and clinics and also helping to develop the growth of the German Disc Golf Association. Either on or off the course, Dominik always has high ambitions: "Dream big, set your goals and work as hard as you want to achieve your goals".

Photo courtesy: Dennis Stampfer

Notable titles and feats:

  • German Disc Golf Champion 2014

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