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Sergio Celis

Sergio Celis

From: Arizona, USA
Handedness: Right
PDGA: #89499
Joined Team Discmania: 2024


About Sergio:

I started playing disc golf in November 2014, after my two boys and I discovered a course that had recently been put in our neighborhood park, Loma Verde. It didn't take long before we were there every evening. We began playing the other courses in the city and quickly became known as the "Celis Boys" or the "Celis Clan." We always would play together, and began including my wife, Becky.

Disc golf is the one sport we really enjoy playing together,,,one of the reasons why I love this sport. In 2015, we competed in our first tournament and we were hooked. We got our PDGA memberships in 2016 and competed locally and in state. Our disc golf club encouraged me to play the MP40 division at the Casa Grande Open and I placed 5th. I battled the next couple years with the tough MP40 division and received my first win at the Shalimar Open in Mesa, Az. With the support of my family, I worked hard on all aspects of my game and had a breakout season in 2021. My wife and I enjoy traveling to places we probably would not have seen if not for disc golf. I've been throwing Discmania exclusively since 2021 and I am so proud to represent the brand I love so much.


Notable titles and feats:

  • 2018 Shalimar Open MP40 Champion
  • 2021 Memorial Championship MP50 Champion
  • 2021 23rd Annual Aspen Sports Treebash MP50 Champion
  • 2022 Challenge at Goat Hill MP50 Champion
  • 2023 Az State Championship MP50 Champion
  • 2023 Tim Selinske US Masters MP50 5th place
  • 2023 PDGA Pro Masters Worlds MP50 5th place
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