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Avery Jenkins

Avery Jenkins

From: Hinckley, Ohio, USA
Born: 1978
Handedness: Right
PDGA: #7495

For most people following the Disc Golf scene, Avery is a household name. A face for the whole sport. Hailing from Hinckley, Ohio, Avery has been touring professionally since 2000 with great results. Avery is also known to be one of the longest arms in Disc Golf.

Besides being one the top pro players in our sport today, Avery is well recognized as a true ambassador of the sport. He's played Disc Golf in almost every US state and in countries like Taiwan, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia and Germany. At Discmania Avery is responsible for the highly popular Discmania Deep in the Game clinics, where he goes around the world educating players on how to become better in the sport of Disc Golf. He's also the Head Coach at Discmania Combine and the Team Manager of Team Discmania.

Notable titles and feats:

  • 2009 Disc Golf World Champion
  • 3x US Distance Champion

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