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Jonathan Fletcher

Jonathan Fletcher

From: Fairbury, Nebraska, United States
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About Jonathan:

Jonathan is a professional player coming out of Nebraska. He generally played only local events until two years ago when he began traveling across the country to play any level of tournaments. In 2022, he played 51 events from January-November and got his first A-tier win at the Four States Open in Joplin, Missouri.

Non-competitively, Jonathan helps with the "Newbie Open", a Nebraska-based tournament and clinic for players looking to get into disc golf at both the recreational and competitive levels. He also is the founder and a board member of the Elpison Foundation, a nonprofit established to raise money for Nebraska B-tiers and make charitable contributions to the communities that host these events. 

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Top 6 Discs:

DD3, Instinct, MD3, MD1, Tactic, P2

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