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Cole Kresge

Cole Kresge

From: Slatington, PA, United States
Joined Team Discmania: 

About Cole:

Cole has been seen around Disc Golf courses since the age of 3, playing with his dad and older brother. He played in his first local tournament at the age of 7 and surprising many adults with his talents.  Cole is currently the highest rated MJ10 player in the world.  When he is not competing you can find him helping with local charity disc golf events and course maintenance.  
In 2022 playing in his first major event Cole placed 2nd in MJ10 division at The Junior World Championships. Possibly even more exciting though was watching him make his first eagle( on PDGA VIDEO, no less) during one of the rounds there.  He has sky-high goals for 2023 and being a part of Team Discmania, Cole knows he can reach them.


Notable titles and feats:

  • 2022- Awesome Open, B-Tier 1st place MA3
  • 2022- Eagles Wings MidAtlantic Open, C-Tier 1st place MJ10
  • 2022- Battle at the hills, C-Tier 1st place MJ18
  • 2021- Cosmic Juniors, C-Tier 1st place MJ10 

Follow Cole:

Top 6 Discs:

Paradigm, P1, TD2, Tailor, MD, Origin

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