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Dana Vicich

Dana Vicich

Country: USA
Dominant handRight
About Dana:

Dana was born, raised and currently resides in Illinois. He's been splitting his time between the road and home since 2009. While at home, his time is spent promoting disc golf through running events, designing courses and various philanthropic endeavors. You can also find him live on the SmashboxxTV Podcast most Tuesday nights.

When asked what Discmania disc he is most looking forward to throwing in 2016, Dana answered; "I absolutely love the PD. I'm bagging both the Swirly S-Line and C-Line. Between the two versions, I'm covering a lot of different shots. I've found the Swirly S to be much straighter flying than its C-Line counterpart. I keep surprising myself with how far and accurate I can throw the PD. It feels like a fairway driver in the hand, but has distance driver speed."

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