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Scotty Peyatt

Scotty Peyatt

From: Los Angeles, CA
Handedness: Right
PDGA: #191087
Joined Team Discmania: 2023

About Scotty

I started discing in April 2021 and haven't looked back since. My love of Discmania was sparked after throwing one of my buddy's Neo Origin. After the round, I immediately went to my local disc golf store to pick up one of my own. I'm continuously working on bettering myself both on and off the course and I'm not afraid to show my triumphs but also any stumbles through my socials with some lifestyle type content mixed in. As someone who doesn't consider myself very athletic, I feel it is refreshing to be able to show that everyone's journey is different and it may take some longer than others to progress in their disc golf journey. It is not only a dream come true but an honor to be on Team Discmania and represent the Shield. 

Notable titles and feats:

  • Mountain Meltdown II Champion (MA4)


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